The main objective of the Swiss Association for Analytics (SAA) is to spread the word about analytics in Switzerland. The goal is also to show added value of predictive analytics, data mining and machine learning to Swiss companies. Allowing analytics practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences is also our objective. The Swiss Association for Analytics provides latest updates, trends, news and original content to analytics practitioners.

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Association by-laws (status) are available in English here.


Any feedback or comment is welcome. Just send an email to info@swiss-analytics.com

Events organized by the Swiss Association for Analytics are available on our Meetup page: www.meetup.com/swiss-analytics/

Past events (with content when available)

  • 1st Swiss Analytics Event, March 14th 2013, Hotel Continental Lausanne
  • 2nd Swiss Analytics Event, September 9th 2013, Hotel Alpha Palmier Lausanne
  • 3rd Swiss Analytics Event, January 30th 2014, Hotel Mövenpick Lausanne
  • 4th Swiss Analytics Event, June 19th 2014, Hotel Mövenpick Lausanne
  • 5th Swiss Analytics Event (joint event with SSS), November 7th 2014, Hotel Mövenpick Lausanne (pictures and presentations)
  • Analytics for Fraud Detection, March 11th 2015, Hotel Mövenpick Lausanne (presentations, pictures)
  • Unstructured data analysis, NLP and IR, June 18th 2015, Hotel Mövenpick Lausanne (presentations)
  • Analytics in Travel, Transportation and Mobility, October 8th 2015, Hotel Mövenpick Lausanne (presentations)
  • Analytics for Customer Intelligence, January 28th 2016, Hotel Moevenpick Lausanne (slides)
  • Analytics and IoT, April 13th 2016, Hotel Moevenpick Lausanne (slides)
  • Risk Management using Analytics, June 15th 2016, Hotel Royal Savoy (no slide shared by the speakers)
  • Analytics for Sport, October 12th 2016, Hotel Moevenpick Lausanne (slides not yet available)
  • Forecasting, February 1st 2017, Hotel Alpha Palmier Lausanne (slides)
  • Data Quality, May 10th 2017, Hotel Moevenpick Lausanne (slides)


The Swiss Analytics Magazine (SAM) is one of our means to achieve the association objectives. The main objective is to provide original analytics content to Swiss practitioners. In the different issues, we will propose interviews with leading actors in analytics, technical articles, case studies, book reviews, company profiles and event agenda. All these with a focus on Switzerland, since the SAM aims at being a swiss magazine for people in the field of analytics. The proposed frequency of the SAM is bi-annual. We have chosen English language to allow anyone from Switzerland to read all its content.

Please send any feedback to info@swiss-analytics.com.

Magazine issues:

Issue 7: Analytics for Audit

Download issue 7

Download issue 7 (light version)

Issue 6: Automating Data Science

Download issue 6 (light version)

Issue 5

Download issue 5

Download issue 5 (light version)

Issue 4

In the following pages you’ll find an article from Mike Gilliland on Benchmarks in Forecasting. Followed by another from Bart Baesens, Véronique Van Vlasselaer and Wouter Verbeke, on Big Data and Analytics for fraud detection, Sergio Moral wrote on Big Data and Sandro Saitta on Gradient Boosting Machine. Common columns include the agenda for a few upcoming events, a book review by Amine Mansour : “Data Science for Business”, by Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett. Enjoy your reading !

Download issue 4

Download issue 4 (light version)

Issue 3

The current issue contains plenty of analytics articles. Amine Mansour interviewed Alex Monnier from Itecor about Big Data consulting. Christian Laux proposes the third and fourth parts of his article about the legal aspects of Big Data. Manuel Martin Marquez writes about information discovery at CERN. Dean Abbott gives us an excerpt from his last book Applied Predictive Analytics. Martin Jaggi uncovers the Zurich Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup. Common columns include agenda of upcoming events, description of the Swiss Analytics Event of November 2014 and a book review. Enjoy the reading!

Download issue 3

Download issue 3 (light version)

Issue 2

In this second issue, you will find original content about several data-related topics. Sébastien Marcel presents biometric projects at IDIAP (cover story). Philippe Nieuwbourg introduces the concept of data storytelling. Frank Block describes concepts behind data quality. Polly Mitchell-Guthrie explains INFORMS analytics certification. Dario Mangano illustrates the database leaf schema. Christian Laux continues to discuss the law aspects of Big Data. Sandro Saitta reviews the book R in Action. Finally, Christian Gügi presents his association, the Swiss Big Data user group

Download issue 2 (high resolution)

Download issue 2 (low resolution)

Issue 1

In this very first issue, we cover several analytics topics with a focus on forecasting. Marcel Baumgartner explains forecasting at Nestlé. Mike Gilliland, from SAS, has been interviewed by Sara Vidal about forecasting performance. Jean-Marc Vandenabeele describes the notion of bounce rate in web analytics. Vincent Schickel-Küng introduces the concepts behind online recommendations. Benjamin Wiederkehr presents datavisualization.ch. Finally, Christian Laux discusses the legal aspects of Big Data.

Download issue 1

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If you like our association and want to contribute, you can write an article, be a speaker at one of our events or start a discussion in our LinkedIn group:


As a non-profit organization, we would also welcome any donation. Your participation will help us cover the costs related to event management or magazine printing.

Our bank account is the following:

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You want to get visibility on targeted analytics audience? Our members include Swiss profesionnals fields such as data science, data mining, big data, machine learning, statistics, web analytics and business intelligence. You can sponsor events and/or our dedicated magazine.

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You are the exclusive sponsor for the Swiss Association for Analytics for a full year (3 events + 2 magazines): 12’000 CHF

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Our free events (3 events per year) gather around 50-60 analytics professionals at each session. You can apply for yealry gold sponsoring:

  • Yearly gold sponsor (6’000 CHF / 3 events): your company is mentioned in the LinkedIn group and during event communications; during the event, a logo will be visible, you can have a booth and you have a 10 minutes presentation.


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Our dedicated magazine (2 issues per year) is read by analytics professionals in Switzerland and around the World. It is accessible for free online and printed in 700 copies for each issue. We allow 2 sponsors per magazine issue:

  • Magazine sponsor (1’500 CHF): your company logo appears on the front cover (in small) of the magazine and one page of ad inside the magazine.


Magazine sponsors should provide us with the following documents:

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  • One A4 page ad, in English, portrait layout (PDF file)


For more information on sponsoring opportunities, please send an email to info@swiss-analytics.com

Join the analytics adventure!

The content proposed by the Swiss Association for Analytics is produced by analytics professionals. We need people like you to contribute to the association by proposing original content. You can contribute by:

  • Supporting us in finding a sponsor for our events and magazines
  • Proposing a talk for an upcoming event
  • Suggesting an article for an upcoming magazine issue

Just send an email to info@swiss-analytics.com

Contribution format

Once you have contacted the committee using the above email, you must apply the following guidelines when submitting your contribution:

  • Original content (not published elsewhere)
  • Text in English
  • 1-3 A4 pages
  • Images included within the text and as separate files (JPEG, PNG, etc.)
  • A picture of you
  • Your full name, function and company
  • Please respect the deadline given by the committee

If you are working for a large company, take into account the time taken by your legal department to review your article. Based on our experience, it can take around 1-2 months.